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Tobago Heritage Festival

July - August dates to be confirmed.

Between the Dutch, French and English, Tobago has changed hands more times than a rugby ball in a scrum, resulting in an incredibly rich culture. The Tobago Heritage Festival is an ode to the food, drink, music, dance, and art bequeathed by our ancestors over the centuries.

Take part in the re-enactment of an old-time Tobago Wedding, complete with lavishly garbed bride, groom and wedding party, as they do the heel-and-toe down the street alongside a live band. Appreciate the grace of Bélé dancers as they float like blossoms to the beat of African drums. Amateur griots recount their stories while dramatists take to the stage to make you laugh or weep.

Watch foods being prepared the old way; crunchy loaves baked in clay ovens, and sugar cane pressed of sweet juices while you wait.

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