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July Religious & Cultural Events / Public Holidays

St. Peter’s Day

July 2, 2024

St. Peter’s Day holds great significance among Roman Catholics. In seaside villages like Chaguaramas, Cedros, and Moruga, an annual procession is a cherished tradition. In Carenage, the community together with the Carenage RC Church, organises this event. It involves a procession to the seaside, accompanied by the melodic tunes of steel pan music, culminating in the blessing of fishermen’s boats by a priest.



July 28, 2024. Date may vary.

Hosay, originally an observance practised solely by the Shiites, a specific Muslim sect, has evolved to include participation from many Trinidadians. However, it’s important to note that some Muslims abstain from celebrating due to the infusion of non-Muslim customs into the event. This vibrant festival, celebrated in locations such as St. James, Cedros, and Tunapuna, is a kaleidoscope of music and colour. Across various nights, you will find tassa drumming, resplendent flags, and intricate tadjahs, which resemble mosque-like structures. On the day following the grand Big Tadjah night, the tadjahs are ritually cast into the sea or river while prayers are recited, completing this distinctive and vivid tradition.

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