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Adam’s Bagels & Specialty Breads

Adam’s is a family-owned and operated bakery, restaurant, and gourmet shop located in the heart of Maraval. Believing in fresh ingredients, quality products and friendly personalised customer service, Adam has developed strong relationships with his customers over the past 23 years. Adam’s earned the title: “Best Bakery & Coffee Shop 2013”  by T&T Table Talk Awards. Visit us the next time you are in the area and  experience the charm and hospitality that is Adam’s. Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.

Sample Menu


Friday Special – Tomato, melongene, pumpkin and bhagi chokas with whole wheat sada roti.

Saturday Special – Fried bake and black pudding or buljol, saltfish

accra with tamarind sauce.


Different soups

every day, salads and sandwiches.

Tea – Select hot coffees and teas.

Tempting in-house pastries, pies and cakes.

Opening Hours

Mon–Sat: 6:00 am – 11:00 pm