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March Religious & Cultural Events / Public Holidays

Start of Ramadan

March 11, 2024

*Eid-ul-Fitr - April 10, 2024


Monday 25th March, 2024

Contact: SDMS  645-3240

Contact: The National Phagwa Council of Trinidad & Tobago Tel: 473-0677
or Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. (SDMS)  Tel: 645-3240

Good Friday

March 29, 2024


Easter Sunday

March 31, 2024

Easter Monday

April 1, 2024

Public Holiday

LaDivina Pastora (Soparee K Mai)

March 29, 2024

La Divina Pastora (Soparee K Mai)

La Divina Pastora, also known as The Holy Shepherdess, is a dark statue of a female situated within the La Divina Pastora Roman Catholic Church in Siparia. This sacred icon is renowned for its remarkable ability to bring together individuals from two major religions, Christians and Hindus. La Divina Pastora draws numerous visitors each year, including foreigners, who make a special pilgrimage to the church, typically timed to coincide with Good Friday. Several weeks later, the Holy Shepherdess is adorned in magnificent attire and paraded through the streets, leading an impressive procession known as the Feast of La Divina Pastora.

Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation day

March 30, 2024

Public Holiday

For many years, the Spiritual Shouter Baptists were subjected to a ban on practising their faith, enforced by the Colonial government, compelling them to hold their religious gatherings in secrecy. During the 1920s and 1930s, the momentum behind their pursuit of religious freedom began to surge. Then, on March 30th, 1951, Elton George Griffith, a native of Grenada, wholeheartedly committed his time and energy to champion the repeal of the Prohibition Ordinance. Their unwavering determination yielded results, culminating in the official establishment, in 1996, of an annual public holiday to honour the Spiritual Shouter Baptists and their resolute struggle for religious freedom. This momentous day is celebrated annually on March 30th.

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