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September Religious & Cultural Events / Public Holidays

Ganesh Utsav

September 7, 2024

Ganesh Utsav, a festivity dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesha, traditionally takes place in the months of August and September. This celebratory event includes the intricate creation of clay models of Lord Ganesh which are adorned with eco-friendly materials. These beautifully crafted murtis are then exuberantly paraded to temples in grand processions. The pinnacle of this 10-day festival is marked by the reverent procession of the murti to a river, where it undergoes a ceremonial immersion.


Republic Day

September 24, 2024

Public Holiday



September - October, 2024

With great jubilation, the re-enactment of the divine saga of Lord Rama, the Hindu God of the Universe, is brought to life during this 10-day extravaganza which unfolds during the sacred Hindu period known as 'Nowraatam' (Navratri) in the month of Ashwin (September-October). The culmination of these festivities is marked by the grand conflagration of a colossal effigy of Raavan, the vanquished antagonist.

National Ramleela Council of Trinidad& Tobago

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