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West Trinidad


Sheldon Waithe

October 16, 2020



The very Western tip of the island is one of the nation’s playgrounds. It’s a landscape that offers all the ‘ings’: hiking, biking, running, fishing, farming, climbing, exploring, swimming, kayaking, zip-lining, go-carting, liming and dining. The development of fun parks such as Five Islands and Skallywag Bay as well as the Boardwalk, make this leisure capital a source of unlimited joy for all ages.

Bamboo Cathedral, Chaguaramas. Photo: Aarti Gosein

Chaguaramas Military Museum

Western Main Road

Tel: 634-4391

Chaguaramas Military Museum in Chaguaramas was once home to the American Base during WorldWar II. It holds over 500 years of war history including artefacts, vehicles, and artillery. Another major attraction for locals and tourists is theBoardwalk in Chaguaramas. This relaxing promenade is always bustling with activity even into the late hours of the night. Just a few minutes away, you can enjoy zip-lining over the forest and Macqueripe Bay.

Chaguaramas Radar Station

Known as the ‘Tracking Station’ this abandoned site is testament to ages gone by: the Cold War era that facilitated the need of the station and the American occupation of the western peninsula. Getting there is a joy, through howler monkey habitats in the trees above, past old munitions buildings along a mixture of paved and gravel inclines. The plateau final destination isa great location to catch the sunset.

Covigne River Gorge

Through this 30 foot high Tucker Valley gorge is an invigorating trek for all ages and one that is very popular with local hikers. The one hour journey through the old cocoa and nutmeg plantation takes you along the Cuesa river in search of the rejuvenating plunge pool and waterfall that is the end goal. It involves a rope assisted climb at the end so wear proper hiking footwear.  T: 225 4232

Down the Islands

Down the Islands is a favourite and peaceful escape for many locals. The five islands offTrinidad – Chacachacare, Huevos, Gasparillo (or Centipede Island), Monos, and Gaspar Grande (aka Gasparee) – are deemed as lush waterfront retreats. You can also explore the Gasparee caves, enjoy fishing, waterskiing, and boat limes(parties). Tours are available via the Chaguaramas Development Authority.Photo: Video Aerial & Ground Solutions.

Chaguaramas. Photo: Ronald Daniel

Gasparee Caves

For those who love the sea, a trip “DDI” or “Down the islands” is a quiet and peaceful escape for many. The five islands off Trinidad’s north coast – Chacachacare, Huevos, Gasparillo (or Centipede Island), Monos, and Gaspar Grande (aka Gasparee) – are spectacular. You can also explore the Gasparee caves, a Limestone cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites and a crystal clear salt water pool.

For tour bookings visit

Gasparee Caves. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

Nelson Island

For Tours contact the National Trust of Trinidad & Tobago

Tel: 225-4750; 706-6316

Located off the north-western tip of the Trinidadian mainland lies a small cluster of islands known as the Five Islands. Though relatively small and unassuming, it is amongst these islands that we find Nelson Island, one of the most historically important sites in Trinidad and Tobago. Comparable to New York's famed EllisIsland, Nelson Island served as the first point of entry for many immigrants into Trinidad.

Nelson Island. Photo: Maria Nunes