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Top 5 Reasons to stop and have a Coconut Water


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

October 23, 2020

Apart from being nutritious, great for your health and full of anti-oxidants, Coconut Water is absolutely delicious. Botanically registered as a fruit more than a nut, the cocos nucifera, takes about 8-12 months to mature as a palm tree. The water in the green nut nourishes the fruit and as the tree matures so does the jelly, which can be grated, water added and used in local dishes like pelau and callaloo. Either way it’s been a treat for centuries in the topics, that’s now becoming a trend abroad.

  1. AFTER THE GYM OR A RUN, hydrate and replenish your electrolytes with a drink straight from the shell that’s low in calories and full of nutrients. In just one cup (250ml) you’ll get- 46 calories, 3 grams of fibre, Vitamin C (10% of RDI), Magnesium 15%, Manganese 17%, Potassium 17%, Sodium 11%, and Calcium 6%.
  2. MAY HELP LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE. In a small human study it was found that coconut water which is high in potassium, assisted with improved systolic blood pressure in 71% of participants.
  3. MAY PREVENT KIDNEY STONES. Animal studies have proven that coconut water may assist with preventing kidney stones from attaching to the kidneys and from crystals forming.
  4. MAY LOWER LOWER BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS and improve health markers. Studies in animals have shown that it can assist with reducing sugar levels and is also a good source of magnesium which is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity.
  5. MIX IT UP: LOW IN CALORIES AND FULL OF NUTRIENTS, Coconut Water can add that extra pep to a vinaigrette dressing for your salad,  add that punch to a tropical fruit smoothie or make that cocktail of White Rum and Coconut Water at sunset extra special.