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East Trinidad


Sheldon Waithe

October 16, 2020

Brasso Seco


This village is the base from which hikers, naturelovers and global scientists explore the cocoa cultivation and rainforest ofthe Arima/Blanchisseuse area. Fantastically popular with birdwatchers, the lushtopography consists of rivers, waterfalls, ponds, while the country’s tallestpeak, El Cerro del Aripo, is both imposing and picturesque.  Within thevillage that is of Amerindian origin, accommodation, food and hospitalityawait. The Brasso Seco Chocolate Company produces quality fine flavour Dark Chocolates from 100%Brasso Seco Cacao Beans. For Chocolate tours call 493-4358

Chocolate Tour - Brasso Seco Chocolate Company.Photo: Caribbean Discovery Tours

Keshorn Walcott Toco Lighthouse


Like the athlete whose name it bears (the 2012 Olympic Javelin Gold medallist), this 72m tower of strength has a wide outlook onto the world from its Galera Point perch on the very tip of Eastern Trinidad. The rocks below dissipate into the blue waters where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Tranquillity is provided by the surrounding picnic area and amenities.   

Keshorn Walcott Toco Lighthouse, Galera Point. Photo:Christopher Anderson

Nariva Swamp


Forinfo on permission and guided tours call 662-5114.

A nucleus of forest, mangrove, fauna and wildlife, its little wonder that this area of Eastern Trinidad has been declared a Wetland of InternationalImportance. Monkeys in the trees above, ‘caiman’ in the river below, ocelots and anacondas roaming the forest; there is an abundance of nature everywhere you turn. Access is available by hiking on foot or taking a small boat.

Nariva Swamp. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography