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Waterfalls in Trinidad


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

October 16, 2020

One of the most desirable natural terrestrial landscapes anywhere are waterfalls, which always generates awe and intrigue. Trinidad boasts of over one hundred waterfalls scattered around the island. These are especially concentrated within the northern range where many main river watercourses begin.

Trinidad Waterfalls


North Coast

Although it’s one of those hikes where you must get your feet wet, you’ll enjoy the added treat that’s located at the 50-foot cascading waterfall’s base - a clear pool for those who wish to take a refreshing dip.

Avocat. Photo: Nicholas Bhajan

Blue Basin


It's an enjoyable 15-20 minute drive from Port of Spain throughRiver Estate, Diego Martin and on to the North Post Road to Blue Basin. Walk, hike or trail-bike ride until you hear the thunderous sounds of the 298-footfalls with crystal clear pools for swimming. Guided tours are recommended.

Blue Basin, Trinidad. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Edith Falls


In the Chaguaramas Valley a 30-minute hike just off the road to the Golf Club through a cocoa estate will take you to this three-tiered waterfall. Along the way you may be fortunate to see a Howler monkey or green-parrot in the trees before you arrive at the 250-foot waterfall that’s most impressive in the Rainy Season.

Maracas Waterfall


Recognised as Trinidad’s highest waterfall of 300 feet, this popular waterfall is located off the Maracas Royal Road, Maracas valley. With a well-marked route, its gradual accent leads you to a sunlit opening through the forest where the waterfall is located. Swimming is not possible.

Paria Falls

North Coast

Whether you choose the eight-mile hike or travel by boat for the first part of this journey, the crisp, clear waters of Paria are breathtaking. The mostly uphill hike, begin sin Blanchisseuse Village and promises fantastic views.

Paria Falls, Trinidad. Photo: Marcus Gomez


North East

You’ll enjoy the journey along the rugged coast towards Toco. The 20-minute uphill hike will take you along a well-worn track to the cascading pools, the lower one is deeper than the upper, but both are beautifully refreshing.

Rampanalgas River, Toco, Trinidad. Photo: Robert Ramkissoon

Rio Seco

North Coast

A true gem, since the waters of Rio Seco reflect variant shades of emerald. Located just after Matura Village, the 35 to 40 minute trail leads hikers through the lush Mora forest.


North East

A challenging 40-60minute hike east of Arima will take you to Sombasson and nearby Lajala waterfalls. You can enjoy the many butterflies and birds along the way, until you arrive at the popular triple-tiered falls.


It’s a one of a kind destination in Cumaca, as the water from the Turure River dramatically falls over a series of limestone outcrops. A moderate 30-minute hike through the forest takes you to the steps, some spanning the width of the river, often as wide as50 feet and as high as 25 feet.  The wading pools are like a natural Jacuzzi, the falls refreshingly cold and crystal clear.  

Turure River, Camaca, Trinidad. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

Hiking Tip:

As with most nature trails, it’s best to go with a guide to ensure your safety and remain on the marked path. Pack light, with a change off clothes in a waterproof bag, plus water, sunscreen and a snack. Comfy shoes are a must!