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Discover the past and present


Jeanette G. Awai

February 3, 2024

Minor Basilica of The Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception

One of the country’s oldest religious buildings, the Cathedral, was built in the shape of the Latin cross using blue metal from the Laventille quarries. Beneath the church lies a crypt that hosts the remains of Catholic clergy, as well as Bishops and archbishops of the early 21st century.
Eastern end of Brian Lara Promenade,
Port of Spain

Memorial Park

Amidst the bustling traffic of the capital city there is a solemn reminder of the Trinidad and Tobago nationals who lost their lives in World Wars I and II. At the centre of the public urban Memorial Park, is a majestic cenotaph ripe with symbolism and beauty from all angles. A wreath-laying ceremony is held annually on Remembrance Day.
Frederick Street, Port of Spain

Chaguaramas Boardwalk

Get ready to “lime” or chill anywhere along the scenic 1,400-foot beachfront walkway. It’s a laid-back spot for locals and visitors alike to hang out, swim or do light exercise like yoga or meditation under the beautiful sunset.
Pro-tip: Stop by the newly opened Carenage Fish Fry before your afternoon stroll to enjoy the best of seafood and Trini vibes.
Chaguaramas, Tucker Valley

Carnival Museum

Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of the “Greatest Show on Earth at the “Home of Carnival”—the Carnival Museum. Learn about the history of mas, pan, calypso, and soca music through analogue and digital interactive exhibitions. The museum’s location, at East Port of Spain, is also noteworthy as it is near the ‘birthplace’ of the Canboulay riots, a.k.a. the site where Trinidad Carnival originated.
81 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain

Gasparee Caves

Transport to another dimension on a guided tour to the underground caves off the island of Gaspar Grande. Descend 100 feet to witness majestic limestone caverns, stalactite and stalagmite formations, and celestial pools of aquamarine water shimmering under the rays of sunlight. Visitors can walk further along to discover a hidden tidal pool.
Chaguaramas Development Authority for Tours

Angelo Bissessarsingh House

Named after the beloved late local historian, this heritage site is a love letter to historical preservation. Behind the gorgeous fretwork of the Gingerbread house, visitors can travel back in time to 1906 and watch history come to life. Book a tour to admire arts and artefacts up close or indulge in the customary tradition of British Afternoon Tea.
Belmont Circular Road, Belmont  

Mille Fleurs / National Trust

The restoration of the Mille Fleurs Heritage House by the National Trust resulted in its bloom in popularity. As one of the stately “Magnificent Seven” mansions located at Queen’s Park Savannah, the residence is best known for its French Provincial architecture, which is both museum-worthy and family-friendly. It’s home to themed events, exhibitions, and workshops. The National Trust also hosts tours and events year-round.
Queen’s Park Savannah, Maraval Road

House of Angostura

Awaken your senses at the House of Angostura’s tour of their state-of-the-art distillery and bottling plant. Travel through time to uncover the history of Trinidad’s world-renowned products, like Angostura® aromatic bitters. Discover how Angostura products are manufactured and how their rum barrels are made. Visitors will get the chance to purchase their internationally acclaimed rums on site and check out their Barcant Butterfly Collection and Museum.
Eastern Main Road, Laventille

Down the Islands

Go on a private getaway to the Bocas Islands between Trinidad and Venezuela, commonly known as “Down D Islands” or “DDI.” These small islands off of Trinidad’s north-west peninsula are rich in history and a popular destination spot. They’re only reachable by boat, and passengers can relax or live it up at sea, then stop and swim or snorkel in the blue-green Caribbean waters. There’s also a private beach and tours year-round.