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South Trinidad


Sheldon Waithe

November 23, 2020

SOUTH - Trinidad

L’eau Michel Mud Volcano


Near the sea in Penal and accessible via the winding drive of Bunsee Trace, is the ‘floating volcano’. So called because of the uncanny sensation bathers experience when they take a dip into its main pool, this is T&T’s natural spa. Enshrined by teak trees and cane fields, the multi-coloured clay soil  gives way to the circular opening that is inviting and uncertain in equal measure. A must try for all!  

L'eau Michel Mud Volcano. Photo: Caribbean Discovery Tours

Wild Fowl Trust


For over 50 years this conservation site has welcomed students, teachers, enthusiasts, tourists and nature lovers. It’s an oxymoron, a wetland haven immersed in T&T’s oil heartland, Point-a-Pierre. Stroll through the home of many endangered species of birds, or take a boat out onto the two small ponds. The landscaped beauty offers endless exploration possibilities, while the Learning Centre, Museum and Conference area provides educational and hosting opportunities.  

Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust. Photo: Christopher Anderson

San Fernando Hill


A sacred Amerindian site, this 192m hill is now a landscaped hub with flowers, trees, footpaths, a cafeteria and picnic tables, making it the perfect open air veranda.  You’ll need to drive up the steep slopes, but ample parking is provided at the top, where cool breezes, play areas for the kids and a 360 degree view of south Trinidad await. For more Information call 653-9563.