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Tobago Waterfalls


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

February 1, 2024

Argyle Waterfall (Easy)
Located in Roxborough, Argyle Waterfall is arguably one of the most popular sites to visit. It’s an easy 30-minute hike with the reward of a delightful swim at the end, in a lagoon that’s almost 20 feet deep and surrounded by greenery.

Castara Waterfall (Easy)
It’s a short, fun hike  to Castara Waterfall, suitable for the whole family. As with all of Tobago’s nature sites, you’re sure to enjoy the scenery, the birds overhead, and maybe some forest life scurrying through the bushes. What’s more, Castara Bay, located on the northern coast, is great for swimming, lounging… and sampling goodies from small eateries on the beach!

Rainbow Falls (Easy)
You’ll find Rainbow Falls in Goldsborough, off the south-east coast near Goodwood. It’s a short distance inland, so you’ll need transport. The charming Rainbow Nature Resort is there to welcome you and offer a place to relax.

King’s Bay Waterfall (Moderate)
King’s Bay Waterfall is located halfway between Delaford and Roxborough. The trail can be difficult to find, but once you’re on it, it’s quick and flat. Soon you’ll be enjoying the powerful gush of this three-tiered waterfall that offers a powerful and invigorating massage if you stand beneath it.

Highland Waterfall (Easy)
Highland Waterfall lies near the village of Moriah, off the Northside Road. It’s another popular one that takes about an hour to complete, suitable for newbies to intermediate hikers. The scenic, canopied trek leads to a deep pool where you can float and forget the rest of the world exists.