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Tobago Island Adventures


Roslyn Carrington

February 1, 2024

Bioluminescent Tours

Spectacular yet eerie, creating an otherworldly eco-adventure. The blue glow of bioluminescent plankton lighting up the beach at night is indeed a natural wonder. Travel near the mangroves and coastline by kayak or stand-up paddle boards and observe some of nature’s tiniest creatures putting on a light show.

The tours are non-motorised, therefore there is no harm to this precious environment.

Fort King George, Tobago

Forts and battlements

Tobago was ferociously fought over by European nations including the English, Dutch and French, who ensured that her coasts were well protected by majestic stone forts, that still look out onto those blue wates more than 200 years later. These seven popular sites are Fort King George, Fort Bennett, Fort Milford, Betsy’s Hope, Fort James, Fort Granby and the Cambleton Battery.
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Main Ridge Forest Reserve

The Main Ridge mountain range spans two thirds of the length of Tobago and is covered by evergreen forest. It’s a richly populated environment, home to innumerable species of flora and fauna, some of which are rarely seen elsewhere on the island. Refreshments such as coconut water, can be found at numerous locations along the Ridge, all with stunning views. Tours can be booked through several local operators, and groups are kept small to respect this delicate environmental gem.

Boat Tours

With varied locations within short distances of one another, the glass-bottomed boat tours are another reminder of Tobago’s remarkable natural wonders. From the uncanny warm and shallow waters in the middle of the ocean that is the Nylon Pool, to the splendour of tropical fish in their coral habitat, or the serenity of the Bon Accord Lagoon.

Little Tobago Island

Off the wild Atlantic cast, in view of the village of Speyside, lies Little Tobago, also known as Bird of Paradise Island. A protected sanctuary, it’s a favourite of bird watchers, as native species nest, breed and live there unthreatened. Across the way is the even smaller Goat Island, a great site for diving and reef exploration.

Tobago Cocoa Estate

Displaying the island’s agricultural history and emphasizing its capacity to produce some of the world’s best cocoa, is all part of this tasty tour. Learn about the production process – past and present – that transforms those beans into delicious chocolate, with the bonus of panoramic views of the island from the estate’s Roxborough perch.