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Alternative Tobago – 12 Best-of-‘Bago Discoveries


Sheldon Waithe

March 31, 2023

Paradisiacal sea, glowing night-time swims, a protected rainforest reserve, beach-dining and historical forts are waiting for you to explore.

Night Bioluminescence Tour


This unique paddle experience ensures that the environment below is undisturbed as you witness a true wonder of the world. The glowing algae bloom of plankton creates a blue-lit effect below the water. The result is an eco-adventure that is out of this world.

Adventure Farm & Nature Reserve


You do not have to be a keen birdwatcher to appreciate the natural beauty on show at this family-run project that supports the environment and its inhabitants. Flora and fauna abound, and where most of the island’s famous birds can be found. An on-site lodge provides refreshments.
Tel: (868) 639 2839

Tobago Cocoa Estate


Find out why the island’s cocoa is some of the most sought-after on the planet. The serene setting nestled in Tobago’s hills provides panoramic views from the gazebos, with lessons given in cocoa’s chequered history and modern production. Best of all, sample the estate’s international award-winning chocolate.

By Reservation:

Blue Mango Hole


Also known as the ‘healing hole’, this blue cove in the middle of the sea - between No Man’s Land and Buccoo Reef – is said to be able to revitalise and reenergise all who dive into it. The idyllic surrounding is enough to make you test those claims and emerge a new person.
Tel: (868) 309 0062

Lobster Dining On The Water

Pigeon Point Road

Tobago Paradise Travel & Grill is a little wooden hut on the way to Pigeon Point Beach, that opens into a no-frills, candle-lit, seaside dining experience. Freshly caught lobster is the main attraction, enhanced by the wooden decking hanging over the lapping waves. Did we mention the lobster?

Tel: (868) 344 1703

Fort King George


The numerous forts on the island are a reminder of Tobago’s colonial past and the pirate era. Fort King George is the largest, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with its cannons in their original positions. The manicured grounds offer the perfect picnic location, and the Tobago Museum is also on site.

Tel: (868) 689 3970

Main Ridge Forest Reserve Tour


As its name suggests, the Main Ridge is the spine that rises across the middle of Tobago. Home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals and snakes in its rainforest hills, the stops at various iconic locations provide such delicacies as fresh coconut water, making this all-day trek truly unforgettable. |

Corner Bar. Photo: Christopher Anderson
Corner Bar. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Pigeon Point

Begin with a twenty-minute lesson on land, with knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Then it’s into the sea to practise all that you’ve been taught as you paddle along the coastline before heading out across the lagoon.
Tel: (868) 681 4741

Healing With Horses.
Healing With Horses.

Horse Riding On The Beach

Buccoo Point

The horses choose you, not the other way around. Once the introductions are made it’s time to learn all about them, how to treat and groom them, before riding on the road and then into the sea. A truly exceptional experience, with the funds facilitating therapeutic programmes.
Tel: (868) 639 0953

Pirate’s Bay. Photo: Christopher Anderson
Pirate’s Bay. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Pirate’s Bay Day Trip


The search for the most private beach is over. Accessible only via an easy fifteen-minute hike or by boat, this serene beach with crystal clear water, on the island’s north coast, is exactly the type of hideaway favoured by pirates of yesteryear.
Tel: (868) 302 6964

Sunday School


Not the traditional occasion that its name evokes but rather a mix of a steelpan performance, followed by dancing to the DJ late into the night. Food stalls and even a roulette table, ensure that all levels of ‘liming’ are catered for. Extracurricular is the main lesson at this school

Caribbean Cooking Lesson

Crown Point

Don’t just enjoy the wonderful taste of Tobago’s cuisine, learn to cook it. The legendary Miss Trim of Store Bay fame takes you on a culinary journey through the history and use of herbs and spices.
Tel: (868) 715 6577