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Diving Duos


Duane Kenny

November 27, 2020

Store Bay

Snorkel and dine. Our first stop is for the foodies, so snorkel first, then eat after. Store Bay has great snorkeling on the side of the bay, near to the rock cliffs. You can also go along the other side of the beach and swim along Coco Reef’s breakwater to discover a plethora of fish.

Buccoo Reef

Snorkel and soak. Your next spot is the Coral Garden which you can access by Glass Bottom Boat. The Garden is expansive, so explore a bit to find the best spot. Also remember that the less wind and the lower the tide, the better the spot for snorkeling. Afterwards it’s back in the boat for a quick ride to the calm, aquamarine waters of the Nylon Pool for a relaxing soak.


Snorkel and refresh at the waterfalls. Castara is a quiet fishing village, with turquoise waters and you can often spot the southern grey sting rays swimming in the bay; the coral life gets more diverse as you swim towards the point. If you are feeling adventurous, swim around the point into Emerald Bay for a spectacular reef but be careful and make sure you go with a swim buddy.


Snorkel and cruise. Charter a boat from Charlotteville to the nearby Pirate’s Bay and Lover’s Bay for the day. Pirate’s Bay has great snorkeling on both corners of the beach, plus it is one of the most picturesque bays in the Caribbean. A little further down the coast lies the pink sands and deep blue waters of Lover’s Bay, another great place for snorkeling.  Just remember to bring a picnic basket and trash bags so that these beautiful beaches remain as pristine as ever.


Snorkel and birdwatch. Book a Glass Bottom boat cruise from the parking lot of Blue Waters Inn. Your first stop is Angel Reef, where you can enjoy a drift snorkel over the amazing coral.  The boat will then take you to Little Tobago where after a short hike on the small island you’ll have a chance to see the dueling Tropic and Frigate birds.