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Home Sweet Home


Roslyn Carrington

November 24, 2020

Top Image: Sugar Cake. Photos: Shaun Rambaran

We have some of the best varieties of cocoa in the world, and many artisans are taking up the mantle of their forefathers, producing hand-made chocolates prepared with roasted nuts, dried fruit, and spices.

Tamarind balls are still made using a traditional mix of sweet, salt and spicy flavours; while Bene balls, crunchy candy made of toasted sesame seeds, are a beloved Tobagonian treat.

Bene Balls made with sesame seeds

There may be 101 things you can do with coconut, but sugar cake is definitely a favourite, from pink-tinted shredded squares to robust chip-chip robed in caramelized brown sugar.

Candied citrus peel is a rare treat, especially from the peach-coloured shaddock, a large variety of pink grapefruit. But the candied white peel of the grapefruit is also delicious.

Candied citrus fruit - Pawpaw Balls

East Indian sweets are a favourite and widely shared during major feasts. Gulab jamool, jelabi, peera, barfi, ladoo and prasad, are as delectable as they sound. So stock up on sweets for your sweet . . . and yourself, too.

East Indian Sweet - Gulab jamool

East Indian Sweet - Jelabi