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Divine Beauty of Divali Nagar


Bavina Sookdeo

March 23, 2023

Divali Nagar - Photo: Christopher Anderson
Divali Nagar - Photo: Christopher Anderson

The Borough of Chaguanas comes alive with a grand, annual event known as Divali Nagar. The nine-night themed celebration has grown tremendously since it started in 1986. Hosted by the National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC), Divali Nagar is now deemed the only event of its kind in the Caribbean.

This grand exposition of Indian culture features everything from food to nightly shows that include singing, dancing, pageantry, competition and more...from classical to contemporary.

The event has become so popular that it has attracted international food enthusiasts and even Bollywood stars. Several of those stars even graced the Divali Nagar stage and many of the local performers who made their debut have gone on to perform internationally.

Each night a unique programme of cultural items is featured and while some patrons opt to sit and enjoy the show, others choose to shop for Indian clothing, get mehndi done or enjoy the many delicacies being sold on the compound at 28-38 Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Rd, Endeavour, Chaguanas; an easily accessible location, a quick exit, just off of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway.

Divali Nagar usually ends with a grand display of fireworks on the night before Divali. However, a decision was taken to omit the fireworks in 2022, and an elaborate cultural show was presented instead. No meat or alcohol is served at the event as these are not allowed on the NCIC’s compound. Parking is available, but if you don’t want to miss the show, it is advisable to get there early to avoid the crowds.