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From Farm to Table


Bavina Sookdeo

March 23, 2023

Best for Cocoa

Looking for the tastiest chocolate? Well, the Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Co-Op brings just that at its annual Cocoa Food Festival in April at La Vega Estate. The festival has grown tremendously and according to Assistant Secretary Diane Chinpire, “The 2023 installment in April promises to be grand”. If you want to see just how creative cocoa farmers can get, don’t miss this festival.

Divali Nagar - Photo: Christopher Anderson
Divali Nagar - Photo: Christopher Anderson

Divali Nagar

Held in the bustling Borough of Chaguanas annually, Divali Nagar presents entertainment and many Indian dishes, sweets and treats from which to choose. The nine-night festival is visited by thousands from around the globe and featured on many food review programmes. Divali will be celebrated on November 12, 2023 National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC) -

Artist Anthony Timothy - courtesy Up Market
Artist Anthony Timothy - courtesy Up Market

Best for Craft and More

• Up Market - this monthly market allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to show off their talent whether it be in food or craft. Different charities are also promoted at each market.

• South Market - A platform bringing local entrepreneurs and customers together, at South Market.

• Santa Cruz Green Market - having grown in popularity, this is a large community of vendors who offer a range of local produce, food, drinks, crafts, & other handmade items.

Debe Doubles Strip

If you’re journeying to the market in Debe, be sure to pop into one of the many food huts and see how produce is turned into delicious Indian delicacies like baiganee or saheena. Located on S.S. Erin Road in Debe just look for the Sundar Popo statue and you’ve found the Debe Doubles Strip.  

Best for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

You are guaranteed to get quality produce at the nine Farmers’ Markets throughout Trinidad since items for sale are produced, created, grown and/or developed by the vendors themselves. Pop in for a colourful and flavourful adventure: Macoya, Couva, Diego Martin, Chaguanas, Point Fortin, Queen’s Park Savannah, La Horquetta, San Fernando, and Arima Farmers Markets.

Several wholesale markets are also available:

• Norris Deonarine Northern Wholesale Market - located south of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Macoya.

• Southern Wholesale Market, Debe

• Port of Spain Wholesale Fish Market located at Production Avenue, Sea Lots, Port of Spain.

• Orange Valley Wholesale Fish Market located mere minutes away from the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

• Woodford Lodge Retail and Wholesale Market located at Lalla Street, Chaguanas.

Best for Coconuts

In T&T you can always find coconuts being sold at any random spot. At the side of the road, ‘round the savannah in Port of Spain and even at the Marabella roundabout day or night.

Vegetarian Food Fair

Held in August annually, the Chinmaya Mission of T&T hosts a vegetarian food fair with over 108 dishes from around the world. Chinese and Continental, East and West Indian, desserts and beverages are all served at the Chinmaya Ashram at Calcutta Road #1, Mc Bean Village, Couva.

Blue Food Festival

Taro or dasheen is featured at this event held every October in Tobago. Enjoy sun, sea, sand and sumptuous dishes at this highly anticipated festival.

Mango Melee & Sorrel Melee

Artisan, founder and organiser Madonna Roudett, set out “to create a festival where each micro business artisan involved had the opportunity to trade their local added value products fairly”. She wanted an event that would create a platform where patrons would be able to learn about, engage, taste, purchase and marinate in an environment that was affordable and exciting. In addition to artisan products, patrons can witness various food contests that are open to the public. Held in Tacarigua, the festivals have become annual road trips and limes for many families and friends. In 2023, the Best Mango Pie contest will be added to the Mango Melee.