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Fort-tastic Tobago


Sheldon Waithe

October 22, 2020

Tobago’s colourful military history - where the French, Dutch, Swedish and British fought for the right to own the island - is reflected in its seven forts. Their strategic positions afford some of the best views, while the restored sites provide the sentiment of the battles of yesteryear.

Fort King George, Photo: Jason Sookermany

Fort King George

Built in 1777, this site above Scarborough holds the record for the most traded landfall in the Caribbean, changing hands 31 times. It’s easy to understand why it was so greatly coveted. A lighthouse, officer’s mess and converted art gallery add to the panoramic views, of which sunsets are an absolute must.
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Fort King George

Betsey’s Hope

Near Roxborough, the fort is named after the wife of the estate owner and her resistance to slavery. Beautiful views of the Windward side of Tobago brings a serenity cognisant with Betsey’s wishes of abolition.

Cambelton Battery

The amazing views associated with Charlotteville, this small but beautifully landscaped site (it is not considered a fort in some circles) provides sight of three bays. Get the camera ready.....

Fort Campleton, Photo: Jason Sookermany

Fort Bennet

Overlooking Grafton Beach, Bennet dates back to 1628 and given its strategic position at Black Rock, it probably saw the most battles of all the Tobago forts. The serenity of the gazebo and grounds belies its turbulent history.  

Fort Milford

Across from Crown Point airport sits this minute oasis of calm, with lush vegetation between the old fort walls. It’s difficult to tell where the sea meets the sky, with the views from the cliff.

Fort James

One of the larger forts, the manicured lawn lends itself to picnicking on the greens, that date back to 1770, with views of Plymouth and Great Courland Bay.   The original limestone rock building is testament to the quality of its construction.  

Fort James, Photo: Jason Sookermany

Fort Granby

Jutting out from its location at Pinfold Bay, this small fort is picture perfect with its gazebo and white picket fence overlooking the endless ocean. Another site popular with picnickers, its myriad of trees provides a natural playground for children and adults.