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Explore Chaguaramas


Kimberly Wallace

February 16, 2021

Top photo: CrewsInn Hotel and Yachting Centre. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Located on the North West Peninsula of Trinidad, the coastal town of Chaguaramas is steeped in history. First settled by Amerindians, the population was decimated when the Spanish colonials arrived, and for many years pirates lurked in the Bocas awaiting traders sailing to Venezuela.  In the mid to late eighteenth century Chaguaramas had a thriving whaling trade with names such as Point Baleine and Copper Hole reflecting this history. In fact, the entire peninsula was once leased by the British Government as a Naval base to the United States during World War II. Fast forward to the present-day, Chaguaramas, a treasured public park, is the yachting capital of T&T and is best known for water sports, recreational activities, restaurants and of course its pristine beauty.

Chaguaramas Boardwalk. Photo: Richard Lyder

Beachfront Boardwalk

The first thing to greet you upon entering Chaguaramas is the boardwalk, ideal for taking a relaxing stroll. The waterfront offers spectacular sunset views and is especially romantic at night.

Macqueripe. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Sea bathing and Snorkelling

One of the most scenic beaches is found in Chaguaramas. Macqueripe is where the tropical forests stretch out to kiss the blue-green waters. Unlike Maracas Bay, Macqueripe is not for sunbathers but is frequented by swimmers and snorkellers alike, who appreciate its clear waters, abundant marine bio-diversity and scenic surroundings.


If you're interested in delving deeper into Chaguaramas' military past then the Chaguaramas Military History and Aerospace Museum which contains uniforms, weapons and other artefacts is worth a visit.


If your idea of adventure includes zip-lining, you can find a course and canopy walk in Chaguaramas. There is a play area for kids and tours are available for those who want to combine adventure with relaxation.

Gasparee Caves. Photo: Stephen Broadbridge


Chaguaramas is the hub for water sports including windsurfing, dragon boat racing, paddle boarding, pedal-boating and kayaking. Day sails and sunset cruises are also available for those wanting to explore the five island archipelago and the Gasparee caves, located off of the Western peninsula. There are a range of marinas which offer yacht maintenance, dry-docking, restaurants and bars. Tour operators offer group tours and excursions ‘Down d Islands’ or to the caves.

Golfing. Photo: Christopher Anderson
Bamboo Cathedral. Photo: Christopher Anderson

Golfing and Eco-tourism

Your idea of enjoying this lush park may involve spending an entire day out on the water or on land at the Chaguaramas Golf course, a nine-hole course that happens to be the only public golf course in Trinidad. It’s also believed to be the oldest. Not far away from the zip-lining course is Tucker Valley - the site of the 'Bamboo Cathedral' which gained its title because of the arches created by the tall bamboo stalks forming a leaf-domed spire. It’s popular among joggers and is one of the most scouted locations for wedding photography.


An easy going 30-minute hike will take you to the magnificent Edith Falls, a three-level 250 ft fall which is best visited at the height of the rainy season if you want to experience why it’s considered magnificent. On your walk, you may even spot the agile Capuchin or Howler monkeys. Book your tours today, visit the Chaguaramas Development Authority’s website