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Things to See Around Trinidad


Paul Hadden

February 16, 2023

Downtown Port of Spain

Downtown Port of Spain is the bustling, vibrant heart of the nation’s capital. There is much to see here, so putting aside at least a half-day to wander through the lively and somewhat chaotic streets of downtownPOS is recommended. The exquisite Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, HolyTrinity Cathedral, historic Woodford Square, and the iconic Port of SpainLighthouse, are just a few of the sites for you to explore.


Fort George

Just a short drive from the city down below, Fort George offers some of the best views of Port of Spain and its surrounding areas. On a clear day you might even be able to see the coastal mountains of Venezuela!

St. James, Port of Spain


Paramin Lookout

On the island’s north, the picturesque village of Paramin has some of the most spectacular views. The recently renovated La Vigie lookout in Saut D’eau Paramin offers visitors not only panoramic views, but several amenities including cooking huts, washroom facilities, areas for picnicking, and on site-security.


Bamboo Cathedral

Nestled in Chaguaramas’ Tucker Valley you’ll find a magnificent formation of bamboo stalks whose green tops criss-cross to form a leafy canopy reminiscent of a cathedral. The path which leads you underneath the spectacularBamboo Cathedral continues upwards for another ten kilometres and eventually takes you to a World War II Tracking Station and Satellite Dish.

Chaguaramas, Tucker Valley


Gasparee Caves

These underground Caves are found on the island of Gaspar Grande, off the north-western coast of Trinidad, and offer otherworldly pools of aquamarine water, shimmering with soft sunlight.  The caverns feature limestone formations, as well as a hidden tidal pool.

For Tours, check the Chaguaramas Development Authority
Tel: (868) 225-4232 Ext. 191


Chaguaramas Boardwalk

Offering fourteen hundred feet of walkway which wrap around the waters of Williams Bay, the Chaguaramas Boardwalk is a favourite weekend spot for locals and visitors alike. The green hills of the Northern Range, and the gentle waves make the boardwalk the perfect location for a sunset stroll.

Chaguaramas, Tucker Valley


Temple by the Sea

The Temple tells the story of one man’s dedication to his faith and perseverance in the face of religious persecution. Located in Waterloo, Carapichaima, the temple is open to visitors daily. If you arrive at sunset you might be lucky enough to see the Scarlet Ibis returning to their home in the nearby Caroni Swamp.

Carapichaima, central Trinidad


Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Statue

The Dattatreya Temple is home to the tallest statue of LordHanuman found outside of India. The eighty-five-foot murti of the beloved God whom Hindus consider to be the perfect representation of selfless devotion -towers above the serene temple grounds.

Carapichaima, central Trinidad


Pointe-à-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

In the heart of the Pointe-à-Pierre Industrial compound is an unexpected oasis.  Whether you take a tour of the compound with one of their knowledgeable guides, or decide to explore the grounds yourself, a trip to the Wildfowl Trust is sure to leave you feeling re-connected with nature.



Located in Lopinot Village, Arouca, the restored agricultural estate also offers a savannah, a recreational ground, and facilities for visitors to have a picnic alongside the river. Lopinot Historical Complex is also home to a restored estate house which has been converted into a small museum containing Amerindian artifacts.

Lopinot Tourism Association



So special is the hummingbird to these isles that the original inhabitants of Trinidad called the island Iere meaning ‘Land of the Hummingbird’. These days, one of the best places to view the world’s tiniest birds is at Yerette, where on any given day you can see up to fourteen different species of hummingbird flitting about in the lush garden located inMaracas Valley.



Galera Point Toco Lighthouse

The Toco Lighthouse at Galera Point on the easternmost corner ofTrinidad marks the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.The rocky and windswept spot offers breathtaking views of the intermingling of the two mighty bodies of water.

Galera Point, Toco