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Anna Walcott-Hardy

October 23, 2020

Modern Caribbean Cuisine

Wendy Rahamut

You can enjoy those delicious Caribbean dishes and eclectic flavours even after your holiday has come to an end.  The well-known host of the TV cooking seriesCaribbean Flavours, Wendy Rahamut has given pages of easy-to-make recipes in colour coded-sections – from seafood and soups to  salads, breads and cakes, that ensure that you take away some of that delicious fusion of West Indian flavour.

Modern Caribbean Cuisine

Beryl McBurnie

Judy Raymond

UWI Press

Known simply as Beryl to her friends, or La Belle Rosette to those who knew of her New York stage name when she performed there in the 1940s, Mc Burnie was in a league of her own. This biography by Judy Raymond, published in 2018, examines the dedicated research and determination of the “imperious, flighty, charming” dancer and choreographer, who founded the Little Carib Theatre, a catalyst for a new generation of not only dancers, but actors, playwrights as well as musicians, during a time of socio-political upheaval and independence in the Caribbean. One in the acclaimed, innovative new series of Caribbean biographies launched by the UWI Press, the publication “portrays the woman, explores the influences that shaped Mc Burnie and those whom she influenced in turn, and tells of her struggle to realize a vision she nurtured for decades…” (UWI  Press).

Beryl McBurnie

Gardening in Trinidad & Tobago: Our Style

The Garden Club of Trinidad

Published to mark the 25th anniversary of theGarden Club of Trinidad, this elegant coffee table book highlights some of the most stunning gardens in the island.  From small urban spaces to sprawling verdant oases, landscaping techniques and traditions are featured to promote exactly what makes Trinidadian gardens so appealing. “The juxtaposition of colours, shapes and sizes of plants are truly inspirational: from the delicate perfection of orchids like the endemic yellow variety to the vibrant flowering Poui and Petrea, perfumed beauty of Ylang Ylang…this publication takes us into veritable gardens of Eden,” Dr SterlingFrost, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of First Citizens, sponsors of the publication explained. Definitely a must-buy!

Gardening in Trinidad & Tobago: Our Style


Claire Adam

Faber & Faber

You can tell the quality of a book from its first paragraph, and Claire Adam takes the reader on a carefully-crafted, haunting and at times harrowing tale from the first page to the last. “Only Trixie is at the gate when he pulls up. She is sitting on her haunches staring at something across the road, her forelegs planted in front of her, solid as tree stumps.”  First-time Trinidadian novelist, now based in London,  Adam writes in clear, concise yet incredibly elegant prose about a  Trinidadian family’s struggle to survive in a world rank with strife, bias, opportunity, envy and ultimately love; engaging themes that run parallel to those within the wider community and country. Warning: you won’t want to put this novel down, so get ready for the ride.

Golden Child

In a World of Their Own Carnival Dreamers & Makers

Maria Nunes

Robert & Christopher Publishers

For over a decade the prolific photographer, Maria Nunes, has been documenting the traditions of Trinidad’s Carnival.  With over 300 colour and black and white images, this book  will take you into the backyards, homes, workshops and studios of some of the most revered masters of the tradition, to the new generation of artists that are transforming the landscape. To say that she has an innate eye for detail, is an understatement, Nunes’ historical knowledge and aptitude for narrative make each image a layered, visual delight.  The book also features an essay by the award-winning writer Shivanee Ramlochan, as well as excerpts from interviews with iconic artists including: Adrian Young, Etienne Charles, Narcenio ‘Senor’ Gomez, Steffano Marcano, Tracey Sankar-Charleau and Wendell Manwarren.

In a World of Their Own Carnival Dreamers & Makers