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Tomley Roberts

A blank canvas, paint and brushes release the innovation required for this exuberant artist to capture anything and create a picturesque piece for the interpretation of all eyes. While holding one’s attention is not an easy feat, Tomley Roberts has mastered the ability to do just this with his magical fingers whenever he embraces artistic media. His intricate yet expressive work has not only decorated the walls in many Caribbean islands, but those in North America and Europe.

His unwavering zeal for art has propelled him once again to the position of President of the Tobago Visual Arts Association. Tomley’s quest to change the perception of art in Trinidad and Tobago and move the field to the fore as a more viable option for professionals is continuously gaining ground.

Under the careful leadership of Roberts, his members have produced artwork which has become the envy of several art exhibitions nationally. His keen interest in these aspiring professionals reminds him of his early love with this amazing pastime which has blossomed into a way of life for him.

All that exists can be expressed through art. This mantra led Roberts to create his brainchild Prestige Arts International, his personal art studio, where he takes the time to mould the youth of this nation through private art tutorials.