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Planet Ceramics

Helen Evans draws all the inspiration for her work from the beauty of Tobago. She tries to capture this beauty through her forms and glazed surfaces, chanelling colours, textures and motifs of Tobago into her ceramics.

Having spent time away researching and developing her craft, she recreates Tobago’s natural forms and colours in her designs and it is a never-ending source of artistic inspiration. Each new design takes about 3 months to complete as she modifies shapes and glazes until perfect and repeatable.  

She produces ceramics for visitors to encourage them to return to Tobago, but she also creates pieces for residents that will fit into their beautiful island homes.

Handcrafted in Tobago

“Each individual item is lovingly handcrafted from stoneware clay and high-fired with my uniquely-formulated signature glazes.  These materials and processes create durable, practical and decorative products that can be used, not just admired.  There are different creative techniques including coiling, press moulding and throwing on the potter’s wheel, all handmade right here in Tobago.  My ceramics range from large decorative art pieces to smaller useable ceramics”.

Helen’s work is produced and sold exclusively through her Tobago studio and showroom near the jetty within Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

Interactive Experience

As a unique visitor experience, she offers the opportunity to participate in demonstrations of how the ceramic pieces are made, and organises workshops aimed at involving visitors and customers in a more interactive way. She loves to encourage the creativity of visitors and provide them with a memorable experience as well as something to take home.  

So come and spend an afternoon at the studio and make your own piece of ceramic art.  At the end of the workshop, choose your favourite colour from her in-house glaze collection and it will be fired and glazed for you.  You are promised a fun and exciting experience!