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Tobago Bioluminescence Tour

Have you ever wanted to feel like Peter Pan, flying over Never Never Land covered in pixie dust, then put a Tobago Bioluminescence tour on your bucket list. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism, and Tobago is blessed with year-round plankton. Of course like all living things you have to know when to go to get the best experience.

Some nights the moon is too bright or the wind is from the wrong direction, so going with an experienced operator is paramount to getting the most of this experience. Stand Up Paddle Tobago and Radical Sports founded Bioluminescence Tours in Tobago 8 years ago and have been learning more and more about the marine creatures of the night. We have also continued to have a zero carbon foot print with our tours, with no gas, plastic or waste of any kind. We are 100% green!