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Healing with Horses

The Chance to be with horses, step up in the saddle become part of their world, keeps us pulling on our heading for the stable. Through the beat of footfalls, the blow of breath, we enter a mystical world we knew as children, if only in imagination.

Being-with-Horses follows the principal that if a horse is given the freedom to live the life intended for a herd animal in an open setting with an abundance of fresh feed and ample space to enjoy the comfort of his herd members he will transfer this sense of wellbeing and balance to his riders.

Our herd is free to roam 16 hours a day in open paddocks and corrals. They mingle with each other freely day and night. Each day they carry our visitors to the sea and swim across the bay free from the restrictions of bridle or saddle. They thoroughly enjoy the experience with their rider while they are maintaining their lustrous coats and powerful bodies! Because they are free to be without stress or anxiety, these horses have a heightened insight into their rider and are able to create full partnership. The horse will help the rider to find balance in body, mind and spirit and the union is one of freedom and harmony unlike any other experience.