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Turtle Watching


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

February 16, 2021

No trip to Trinidad is complete without a visit to the north-east tip to experience the nesting of Leatherback turtles on the breathtaking, expansive beaches of Matura and Grande Riviere. If this is high on your agenda, make sure to plan your trip between the months March -August.

A permit to view the leatherback turtles is required from one of the Forestry Division offices:

San Fernando (868) 657-9450

Sangre Grande (868) 668-2518 and

Port of Spain (868) 622-3217

Or contact the Turtle Village Trust

Orosco Rd, Matura

(868) 668-7337; 667-8471

Leatherback turtle going back to sea, Grande Riviere