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Salt Pond Trinidad


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

April 25, 2022

The island of Chacachacare is home to one of Trinidad and Tobago’s lesser-known jewels, a pristine tropical Salt Pond. Couched in the dense forest of the island is a triangular pool with several times the salt content of the sea. Its salinity, as you can imagine, offers unique features that set it aside from a freshwater pond. It is a natural sauna, keeping a comfortable bathwater temperature regardless of the weather. It is a fuss-free swim, or float, more accurately. Much like the Dead Sea, it allows you to keep your head above water until and unless you actively decide to submerge yourself. Either way, a dip in the Salt Pond is certainly a healing experience. Caribbean elders are known to trust in a sea bath as the remedy for anything from nasal congestion to misfortune. Just imagine what a salt pond bath could cure! Though visibility beneath the surface may be limited, you need not worry about any unexpected visitors below the surface, as few species of wildlife are cut out for the extremely salty habitat. The pond remains mostly undisturbed by creatures and humans alike. It is no wonder that this breathtaking spot is unexplored. Though not impossible to reach, it takes a boat journey through the choppy waters of the Bocas del Dragón channels to arrive at Chacachacare, the farthest-flung and largest of the Bocas islands. Closer to Venezuela than it is to Trinidad, this is as down as ‘Down D Islands’ gets. For those lucky enough to join a trusted tour group, this breathtaking spot is well worth braving the waves.

Photo: Christopher Anderson