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O Come all Ye Faithful


Bavina Sookdeo

November 27, 2020

Almost everyone gets excited about the start of the Christmas season which begins for us on September 25th – the beginning of the Parang season. September is also Parang History Month, and just after, the increasingly popular Parang Festival begins as a gradual build up to Christmas.

President of NPATT, Alicia Jaggasar explained that the Association’s primary focus for the next three years is “to rekindle the spirit of Parranda at Christmas throughout our communities, and to inform the public about Parang, its origins and its traditions, to ensure the survival of this art form.” She added that NPATT’s current mission is also aimed at opening up regional, national and international opportunities to present, promote and effectively market the works of artists in the association. The junior leg of the annual competition, “Viva La Tradición” involves thirty primary and twenty secondary schools nationwide who compete for national honours at their respective levels.

Some of NPATT’s 2020 initiatives are: CarniParang for Carnival, Easter Parang in April, Maypole Festival in May, workshop and master classes for Bands Juniors and Seniors in July.

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