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A Year of Multicultural Festivals


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

February 16, 2024

With its lively diversity and rich history, Trinidad & Tobago is home to a multitude of cultures religions, and ethnicities that converge to celebrate a variety of multicultural festivals.

Here is a glimpse of a packed cultural calendar in T&T.


Carnival Monday – 12th
Carnival Tuesday – 13th

No idle boast, the variety offered by the Carnival season satisfies all tastes, from soul-soothing steelpan to heart-thumping rave and everything in-between. The bacchanal starts on January 1st! Elaborate stages, casual cooler fêtes, boat parties, and hilltop revelry – Trinidad Carnival is a celebration like no other.

On Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the sun hits the sequins and glitter, enhancing the kaleidoscope of colors adorning masqueraders. Mas takes over the nation, a moving juggernaut of controlled mayhem powered by Trinbagonian culture.

The unique and outstanding vibes of Trinidad Carnival that can only be found here!



Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a sacred time when Muslims observe fasting, engage in acts of charity, and prayer, all while emphasizing self-sacrifices. Following the conclusion of this month, Eid ul Fitr is celebrated.
Date: Starts: Monday 11th March, 2024
CONTACT: Mosques and Islamic bodies in T&T including
ASJA - 671-8250, 652-6061; Ahmadiyya Muslim Community -
33 Polo Ground Road Extension, Preysal.


Phagwa is among the most vibrant festivals within Hinduism, introduced to T&T by indentured labourers from Bihar, India. During Phagwa, participants come together in open fields, where they apply colourful liquids and powders called ‘abeer.’ Accompanied by the traditional Chowtal singing, it is a time of great celebration and merriment.
Date: Monday 25th March, 2024
CONTACT: SDMS - 645-3240

La Divina Pastora (Soparee K Mai)

La Divina Pastora, also known as The Holy Shepherdess, is a dark statue of a female situated within the La Divina Pastora Roman Catholic Church in Siparia. This sacred icon is renowned for its remarkable ability to bring together individuals from two major religions, Christians and Hindus. La Divina Pastora draws numerous visitors each year, including foreigners, who make a special pilgrimage to the church, typically timed to coincide with Good Friday. Several weeks later, the Holy Shepherdess is adorned in magnificent attire and paraded through the streets, leading an impressive procession known as the Feast of La Divina Pastora.
Date: Friday 29th March, 2024 (Good Friday)
CONTACT: La Divina Pastora Roman Catholic Church - 649-2204

Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day

For many years, the Spiritual Shouter Baptists were subjected to a ban on practising their faith, enforced by the Colonial government, compelling them to hold their religious gatherings in secrecy. During the 1920s and 1930s, the momentum behind their pursuit of religious freedom began to surge. Then, on March 30th, 1951, Elton George Griffith, a native of Grenada, wholeheartedly committed his time and energy to champion the repeal of the Prohibition Ordinance. Their unwavering determination yielded results, culminating in the official establishment, in 1996, of an annual public holiday to honour the Spiritual Shouter Baptists and their resolute struggle for religious freedom. This momentous day is celebrated annually on March 30th.
Date: Saturday 30th March, 2024
CONTACT: All Spiritual Shouter Baptist Churches in T&T



Following the conclusion of Ramadan, Muslims across the country come together for prayers at mosques. They engage in visiting one another, and non-Muslims also visit their Muslim friends and relatives. Additionally, acts of charity, such as giving alms to the poor, are observed on this day.
Date: Wednesday 10th April, 2024
CONTACT: Same as those mentioned under Ramadan


Corpus Christi – 30th

Indian Arrival Day – 30th


The Annual Ganga

Dhaaraa River Festival – 12th July

St. Peter’s Day holds great significance among Roman Catholics. In seaside villages like Chaguaramas, Cedros, and Moruga, an annual procession is a cherished tradition. In Carenage, the community together with the Carenage RC Church, organises this event. It involves a procession to the seaside, accompanied by the melodic tunes of steel pan music, culminating in the blessing of fishermen’s boats by a priest.
Date: Tuesday 2nd July, 2024
CONTACT: Carenage RC Church - 637-8309


Emancipation Day

On this momentous day in T&T’s history, a multitude of people assemble for the Canboulay procession, in Port-of-Spain. In 1985, T&T achieved the distinction of being the world’s first country to commemorate the abolition of slavery. It’s prominent and popular Emancipation Day celebrations include an array of lectures, workshops, and concerts, with much of the activity centred around the vibrant LidjYasu Omowale Emancipation Village located in Queen’s Park Savannah.
Date: Thursday 1st August, 2024
CONTACT: Emancipation Support Committee
- 628-5008/628-9526


Ganesh Utsav

Ganesh Utsav, a festivity dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesha, traditionally takes place in the months of August and September. This celebratory event includes the intricate creation of clay models of Lord Ganesh which are adorned with eco-friendly materials. These beautifully crafted murtis are then exuberantly paraded to temples in grand processions. The pinnacle of this 10-day festival is marked by the reverent procession of the murti to a river, where it undergoes a ceremonial immersion.
Date: Saturday 7th September, 2024
CONTACT: SDMS - 645-3240


With great jubilation, the re-enactment of the divine saga of Lord Rama, the Hindu God of the Universe, is brought to life during this 10-day extravaganza which unfolds during the sacred Hindu period known as 'Nowraatam' (Navratri) in the month of Ashwin (September-October). The culmination of these festivities is marked by the grand conflagration of a colossal effigy of Raavan, the vanquished antagonist.
Date: Celebrated in the month of Ashwin (September-October)
Contact: National Ramleela Council -


First Peoples Heritage Celebrations

This dedicated week of festivities pays homage to the First Peoples of T&T. In Arima, the Amerindians honour their ancestors and the earth with a harmonious blend of prayers and song. The event commences with a majestic procession led through the streets by Amerindian royalty, resplendent in their traditional attire. The celebrations continue with vibrant feasting and exuberant merriment.
Date: Held for one week culminating on October 14th
Contact: Santa Rosa First Peoples: 664-1897

Divali (or Diwali)

Divali, a Hindu festival, radiates with the worship of Mother Lakshmi. In alignment with the Hindu calendar, this luminous celebration takes place on the 15th day of Kartika, which falls during the transition of October to November. The festival is marked by the enchanting spectacle of thousands of deyas (clay lamps).
Date: Thursday 31st October, 2024
Contact: SDMS - 645-3240


In T&T, Christmas assumes a unique and delightful character, marked by the presence of pastelles, parang, and ponche-de-creme. Midnight Mass reverberates through numerous churches across both islands, adding to the magical ambiance of the season.
Date: Wednesday 25th December, 2024


Hosay, originally an observance practised solely by the Shiites, a specific Muslim sect, has evolved to include participation from many Trinidadians. However, it’s important to note that some Muslims abstain from celebrating due to the infusion of non-Muslim customs into the event. This vibrant festival, celebrated in locations such as St. James, Cedros, and Tunapuna, is a kaleidoscope of music and colour. Across various nights, you will find tassa drumming, resplendent flags, and intricate tadjahs, which resemble mosque-like structures. On the day following the grand Big Tadjah night, the tadjahs are ritually cast into the sea or river while prayers are recited, completing this distinctive and vivid tradition.
Date: July 28th, 2023 Date TBC*
Contact: St James/Cocorite Hosay Association on Facebook

Odun Egungun

The Orisha Faith, after centuries of enduring the hardships of African enslavement and religious persecution, proudly commemorates this significant event. The Ile Ijosin Otura Meji Awon Osun spearheads the annual festival, which is a time of profound reverence and sacred rituals. As the spirits of the ancestors are believed to manifest through the Egungun, participants adorn themselves in elaborate robes and masks, creating a mesmerising visual spectacle. The event culminates in a spirited and vibrant street procession, a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of this faith.

Date: TBC *some dates may vary