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The Central Bank Museum

The Central Bank Auditorium and the Central Bank Museum are your gateways to the arts in the capital city of Port of Spain. These two cultural hubs are located in the Central Bank tower on Independence Square. The Auditorium, with its state-of-the-art facilities, provides a space for performing artists to showcase local content. The Museum offers a modern design with interactive displays, as well as exhibitions featuring the Bank’s fine art collection.  

Little Visitors to the Museum


The Central Bank Museum is a space where history and art come alive through informative exhibits in a modern museum environment. The Museum welcomes visitors of all ages to enjoy our displays, explore our collections and learn about the history and role of the Central Bank within the context of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region. The Museum displays are interactive and engaging and aim to inspire and educate!

Check out our virtual self-guided tour of the Museum on the Central Bank’s website: Central Bank Museum Tour ( or book a virtual tour meet-up and interact directly with us!

Instagram - @cbttmuseum
Tel: 621-2288 ext. 2151/2120/2400

The Central Bank Auditorium

The Central Bank Auditorium

The Central Bank Auditorium remains one of Trinidad and Tobago’s premier performing spaces and is renowned for its intimacy and ambience. Designed to serve as a civic contribution to the local performing arts, this state-of-the-art facility offers an array of world-class services and amenities, which include:

• Digital Lighting and Sound

• Dressing Room and Green Room Facilities

• Box Office and Concession services

• Audio and video recording

• Live streaming and virtual events

• Fully sanitized facility, adhering to all local COVID-19 regulations

Central Bank

For more information about the Auditorium, visit the Central Bank’s Website at or Facebook page at
Tel: 621-2288 ext. 2155/2142/2248