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Joanna Aldred

Meet our Cover Artist for the Ins & Outs 2024 edition - Joanna Aldred, celebrated for her magnificent oil paintings which depict the diversity and richness of life in Trinidad and Tobago.
Her colourful, vibrant work captures the drama and beauty of the islands’ scenery including rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, and colonial buildings.

Joanna is the daughter of John Humphrey, architect and politician and his wife Helen née De Sousa, community activist and Carnival Queen. After attending Bishop’s Centenary College in Trinidad, Joanna was formally trained at the Laguna Beach School of Arts in California. Her artistic influences include Michael Jean Cazabon, Van Gogh, and the French impressionists. Inspired by the life and culture of her motherland, Joanna’s work is a callaloo of colour and energy.

Although Joanna’s artistic style is rooted in Realism, over time it has become more expressive, with use of bolder brush strokes and colours. Her art has travelled the world and can be found on the walls of collectors in America, Europe and the Caribbean. Her 2023 exhibition ‘Requiem’ is in honor of her late mother Helen Humphrey, who passed away on January 18th 2023.
Photos: Paintings from her exhibition ‘Requiem 2023’