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Ann Stapleton

Ann Stapleton (nee. Marlene  Vincent) was born in Maraval, Trinidad in 1957.She grew up in a village in Mt. D’or Road, Champ Fleurs. It is there that she developed her love for art at the early age of five.

Ann was educated at St. Joseph’s Convent in St. Joseph and then the Pels School ofArt, in New York, U.S.A. where she studied Interior Design and Graphic Art.There she was able to attend workshops conducted by the renowned artists Albert Pels in Fine Art and Richard Beltram in Illustration.


In 1999, Ann Stapleton decided to pursue a career in Fine Art, after a career of fourteen years in the Advertising Industry as a Graphic Artist in New York and Trinidad.A versatile artist, Ann is equally at home in a diversity of media but her technique of choice is Impasto in acrylic.


She became a member of “The Women In ArtOrganization” In 1999 and exhibited for the first time with “The Women in Art”Annual Exhibition in 2000.  In 2003, she held her first solo exhibition and has participated in numerous group and joint exhibitions including ‘The National Museum and Art Gallery’s 35thAnniversary Exhibition “and “Women and Art Journey to the Past perspective on the Future” in April-June 2011.


Artist’s Statement

My goal is to have my paintings evoke blissful memories of the culture and tradition of yesteryear. I draw my inspiration from my childhood village and the people who lived there.
I express my emotions through the use of textured brush strokes and vibrant colours. My style has been described as “Expressive Realism”.
I sincerely desire my paintings to radiate the warmth of the human spirit in the celebration of life.

Ann Stapleton
Ann Stapleton:‘Bois (War Cry)’
Ann Stapleton
Ann Stapleton:‘Pan Ecstasy’
Ann Stapleton
Ann Stapleton:‘Pan on de Road’

Photos Courtesy: HorizonsArt Gallery Space