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Che Lovelace

Ché Lovelace - Artist

Ché Lovelace grew up in Matura, a pristine village on the east coast of Trinidad. He studied fine art at l’Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts de la Martinique, and currently lectures at The University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Creative Arts in St Augustine. He’s been painting for several years at his studio in Chaguaramas and more recently exhibiting large-scale, mostly figurative works, at home and abroad.

Ché's amplified palette, undeniably deft brushstrokes and Expressionist style has gained much attention over the years.  He has been inspired by artists like Sybil Atteck, who studied under the German Expressionist painter Max Beckman and founded the Society of Independents, the beginning of today’s Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, of which Ché is a Board Member.

Published Article: Ché Lovelace by Anna Walcott-Hardy

Ché Lovelace - "Reader by Palms" 2022
Ché Lovelace - "Reader by Palms" 2022
Ché Lovelace