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Weddings in Tobago


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

December 1, 2020

While Trinidad brings the bustle and the Carnival beat, Tobago offers the stuff of vacation dreams, making it the perfect place to celebrate a special romance.

With their all-inclusive packages and spacious venues, hotel ballrooms are a popular standard option for couples and can be easily customized. “Attractive group rates entitle clients to a discount on the rental,” Richard Carrington, event planner, marketing strategist and founder of Keith Austin Creative Agency explained. Packages often include items such as wedding candles and decorating services. The elegant dining and cocktail facilities are juxtaposed with the allure of the beach nearby. “Lots of couples want that beach-wedding setting,” Carrington admits. Hotels that are located near the water provide the best of both worlds, offering the sought-after beach experience, as well as the comfort of indoor facilities. “You can have a cocktail reception on the beach at sunset before moving into the pavilion to start dinner.”

In addition to the traditional hotels, there are also villas on the island with modern amenities that are wrapped in classic Caribbean design, they may offer somewhat of a more residential feel, giving the reception a breezier, more comfortable vibe. Carrington advises those who prefer this type of setting to visit Grafton Ridge, as well as in the capital, Scarborough. Facilities such as pool decks and gazebos add character to the event and can be incorporated into the reception or even the wedding ceremony. “With the sea as a backdrop, a gazebo is the perfect touch for a ceremony site,” Carrington added. He also suggested that, unlike at most hotels where clients are restricted to the menu, villas provide private kitchen facilities and may often have housekeeping staff.

Carrington, who has spent several years living in Tobago while working in hospitality management, referred to the island as a “one-stop shop” in that it offers varied premium facilities and creative services with the added vacation element. “There are several venues and a small network of talented people.” With a range of sites and services, Tobago offers all you need to make your special day a truly memorable one.

But whatever you do, get started early, for your own peace of mind and for smooth running on your big day. Remember to address all legal issues such as permissions and certificates.  For more information, contact the

Registrar General’s Division of the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tel: 1 (868) 639-1330

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