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Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

May 16, 2022

Say hello to Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream, invented in Tobago and a new twist on the old tradition of Trinbago Cocoa Tea.

This blend has the signature of Lars Söderström, CEO and founder of Tobago Gold Europe BV. “By combining the finest cocoa with Caribbean flavours, and mixing this blend with rum, we created a unique cream liqueur.” Söderström proudly explains that with its high percentage of premium cocoa and a low sugar content, Tobago Gold aims to meet the preferences of today’s modern consumer.

While living in Trinidad, in 2004 Söderström bought the abandoned 365-acre La Caurita cocoa estate in Maracas Valley and brought the estate back to life by replanting cocoa trees and building a new cocoa house. This was the initial spark leading to the creating of Tobago Gold. “Tobago makes you happy, everyone who comes here loves it! Tobago is beautiful, clean, green and serene. The natural beauty is the inspiration behind the name and packaging of our product.”

Tobago Gold has received exceptional consumer feed-back world-wide, and was also recognized several times in international taste and design awards. After the successful launch in Trinidad & Tobago in 2021, Söderström says the team is now dedicated to bringing this exciting new product to consumers worldwide, and it is already delighting consumers in several European countries. “I want to bring a Caribbean flavour, with a Carnival Spirit to the world – creativity, happiness, inclusiveness and above all having fun together.”

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