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Special events


Roslyn Carrington

March 3, 2021

While many venues welcome large groups for major celebrations such as weddings and reunions, there are ample opportunities for smaller, more intimate gatherings. An evening out with the girls, an office team-building session, or a tea party with a Caribbean twist, the good news is that there are many venues that offer event planning and will take the burden off your shoulders. 

One special sanctuary that comes to mind is Glamorgan, a charming colonial building in St. Augustine, set in the shade of a sprawling 100-year-old Samaan tree. It’s the perfect spot for a small wedding or afternoon tea. You can even join them for yoga in the lush garden.

Event catering and coordination? No problem. GCG Events, experienced event planners and caterers, will swoop in and arrange everything. For something different, El Pecos will bring your every culinary desires to your doorstep. 

So gather your friends and loved ones, call in your crew, and host your next event!

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