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Cultural fusion sparks T&T's cuisine!


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

April 12, 2024

Please forgive the obvious melting-pot pun, there are few other ways to describe the fusion of cultures that gives rise to T&T’s food, which is not only reflected in the unique taste of our home-grown delicacies, but also allows us to give that ‘Trini’ twist to some of the world’s favourite dishes.

This is also reflected in the thousands of restaurants that appear all over the country; you are never more than a short journey away from deliciousness.

Trinbagonians love their food. Full stop. Any restaurant, bar, food vendor must pass the test of the Trinidadian or Tobagonian palate, which is considerable when one considers that this is a land where the term “sweet hand” is part and parcel of its daily culinary expectations.

The choices are vast, with local and international cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs, through to chic bistros that serve up the perfect business lunch, or street stalls that see hundreds flock from far and wide because their reputation alone gets the taste buds going.  

Globalization is alive and well on the culinary landscape, authentic Indian and authentic Chinese food, together with authentic Italian, Thai and Malaysian dishes, bring the world to the islands, supported by all the required cookware such as stone ovens.  

As with everything in T&T, there is the social aspect. Mealtime is meet time, with all situations catered for, be it an intimate setting for two overlooking the city or hearing the waves a few feet away, the corporate buzz of the business meal, or a table-long celebration with an evening ignited by fresh, unique cocktails and eagerly awaited appetizers.

Entire streets are dedicated to food, such as the Eddie Hart Food Village in Tacarigua or Port of Spain’s Ariapita Avenue. Regional food markets too, offer localized flavour to popular dishes, further increasing the adaptation of ingredients for a signature taste.  

New dishes appear as chefs take their training and exposure to foreign recipes, add their own flair, producing mouthwatering specialties presented in world class style within an amazing ambience.
It leaves you with the conundrum of picking which restaurant to go to and what delicious dish to order.

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