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JAXX International Grill

As a world-class grill house, an international hub, a gateway to a world of flavours – thanks to our talented chefs. We boast an eclectic fusion of foods that are delicious in any language.

You’ll enjoy breathtaking cuisine from a variety of countries such as Mexico, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the United States and India. Imagine indulging in the exotic taste of Chicken Tikka Masala or sinking your teeth into a flavourful, fire grilled Mexican Fajita.

Explore our delectable desserts and soul-soothing drink selections – we’ve got something for everyone.

“The World at Your Table”

Sample Menu

Lemon Butter & Herb-Grilled Salmon

Baby-Back Ribs

Ponzu & Ginger Salmon Poke Bowl

The Jaxx Heart Attack

Opening Hours

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