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Tessa Alexander

Cover Artist for ‘Ins& Outs of Trinidad & Tobago’ 2022

Inspired by the mundane, marginalized mores of life and based ona combination of photographs, sketches and layered screen-printed papers, TessaAlexander creates visual images which explore themes surrounding identity andheritage. Her compositions whether landscape or figurative are often juxtaposedor layered with motifs which reflect topical issues surrounding socio-politicaland economic hegemony.

The cover’s Dame Lorraines, Minding Your Business,armed with parasols while peering into a home, are part of the ongoing Carnivalseries which examines the perspectives and mannersims of masqueraders; a themethat Tessa continues to explore, intrigued by the “living ritual, the fluidity,vibrancy and unpredictability of Carnival”.

Tessa Alexander has an Associate’s degree in fashion design andan MFA in Cultural Studies, a fine artist and art educator, her work has beenexhibited at home and abroad and can be found in international collections.

Other works from Tessa include her series entitled “Return toNature” inspired by lockdown and restrictions enforced to control Covid spread,the series casts an appreciation for nature and the beauty that surrounds us onthese islands and recognizes that we belong to the earth and that the earthdoes not belong to us and indeed nature is our first and most primal source ofhealing. These paintings therefore were created to bring a sense of peace andcalm and ultimately happiness to the viewer.