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Z’s Grill Shack

Come and enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner at Z’s Grill Shack. Our exquisite wooden design sets the perfect ambience for hanging out with friends and family. Our meats are always well prepared and perfectly done, served with our delicious sides. We always offer great service, well timed delivery of food with smiles and good chats. Our prices are always reasonable for dinner or lunch services. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat in or taking away, be sure to visit Z’s Grill Shack.

Sample Menu


Grilled Steak | Lamb

Grilled Chicken BBQ Style

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp | Snapper

Grilled Catch of the day | Lobster

Sides:  Mixed rice, red beans,

potato salad, fresh salad


Locally made ice creams  

Opening Hours

Mon: – Fri: Noon – till

Sat: 2:00 pm – till

Sun: Closed

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