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The Cannons Hotels

WHY CHOOSE US? Location, Location, Location!

Your home away from home, The Cannons Hotels present an alternative take on accommodations by providing concierge services to you, our guest, with our personally tailored tours delivering safety, fun and the best value for your dollar! Join us to explore the vibrant culture, cuisine, heritage and adventure of our twin-island republic.

Whether it’s for business or a fun getaway, our hotel is strategically located in

St. James next to Long Circular Mall and in close proximity to the major city and shopping districts, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, the local entertainment scene and other conveniences! It gets better ... for an extended medical stay, our property is ideally outfitted to accommodate guests before, during and after health-related procedures. Come and experience for yourself the home-grown hospitality of our team. The Cannons Hotels ... Your Home, Away From Home!