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Jencare Day Spa Trinidad & Tobago

Jencare is a luxury beauty and wellness day spa with locations both in Trinidad and Tobago. We offer exceptional service and professional skincare and body treatments, made with the finest ingredients perfect for your skin.
Come into Jencare, relax and unwind as we take you on a journey of healing and wellness to renew your mind, body and soul.
You deserve it.

Jencare Day Spa T&T (Trinidad)

#11 Cornelio Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad

(868)627-4141, (868) 625-0700, (868) 684-1708


CinroManor Villa & Spa (Tobago)

#195 Cinro Court, Milford Old Road, Hampden, Lowlands, Tobago

(868) 774-4546, (868) 627-4141