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GCG Events

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Dedicated to making you the Perfect Host for all you Catering needs!

GCG Events Trinidad prides itself in being the only catering company in Trinidad and Tobago that is HACCP and STOW certified. The organization is guided by its seven core values: inspiration, leadership, accountability, integrity, service excellence, innovation, continuous improvement, and dedication. These values drive its professional team to deliver excellence and sustainable value to every client.

Every event catered by GCG Events Trinidad receives the support of 300 employees, who can develop and execute customizable menus for every occasion. The company lends its unique touch to a diverse set of events, including alumni reunions, charity events, parties, corporate functions, public service events, sporting events, and weddings. No matter the occasion, GCG Events Trinidad promises a menu that delights the palate, while being nutritious and quality assured.

GCG Trinidad

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