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Angostura Barcant Butterfly Collection

The Angostura Barcant Butterfly Collection lists approximately 5000 specimens of butterflies from all over the world, which includes over 600 different species of butterflies that make Trinidad and Tobago their home.  Encased in wood and glass frames specifically created to preserve these delicate creatures, this unique collection also has on display some very rare, exotic and extraordinary butterflies, all of which can be viewed during a visit to the House of Angostura.

Tours include a visit to the Barcant Butterfly Collection and Angostura museum; a tour of the Bitters manufacturing room, bottling plant and distillery and sampling of some of our locally manufactured products. Tours last approximately 2 hours and advanced bookings must be made.

Advanced booking is required for the two-hour tour. Call (868) 623-1841 or visit for more details