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Stretches of Mile-long Beaches


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

May 17, 2022

One of the greatest blessings that the country has to offer is the many enchanting beaches scattered across the islands. Offering more than just the stereotypical Caribbean seaside experience, many of Trinidad’s beaches include not just sea and sand, but breathtaking views of lush tropical rainforest, majestic mountains, and mile-long stretches of coconut-tree-lined shores.

Top image: NoMan’s Land. Photo: Ziad Joseph

North Coast - Christopher Anderson
Photo: Christopher Anderson

North Coast

Trinidad’s North Coast is studded with some of the most stunning beaches the Caribbean has to offer. Aside from the two most popular destinations, Maracas and Las Cuevas, there are tons of ‘hidden’ beaches that are definitely worth a trip, from worth a trip, from Yara and 100 Steps to Blanchisseuse Bay.

Maracas Beach - Zaid Joseph
Photo: Zaid Joseph

Maracas Beach

Maracas Beach remains one of the most well-loved beaches in Trinidad. Offering large paid parking facilities, toilets, chairs and umbrellas for rent, as well as ample food and drink options, a trip to Maracas is a stress-free excursion. Of course, no trip to Maracas is complete without a delicious bake and shark sandwich loaded with toppings and sauces.

Manzanilla - Photo: Christopher Anderson
Photo: Christopher Anderson


Famed for its abundance of coconut trees, Manzanilla is one of the most ruggedly beautiful beaches on the island. Watch out for the beautiful but poisonous Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish which arrive in droves from February to April.

Vessigny Beach - Photo: Jason Sookermany
Photo: Jason Sookermany

Vessigny Beach

One of the hidden gems on Trinidad’s southern coast. The beach is equipped with everything to meet the beach goer’s needs including: a car park, snack bar, camp grounds, picnic tables and changing rooms with showers and toilets. It’s a great pit stop to consider on your way to visit the Pitch Lake!

Las Cuevas - Photo: Nicholas Bhajan
Photo: Nicholas Bhajan

Las Cuevas

A popular spot for locals and visitors alike, Las Cuevas beach is just 7km east of the iconic Maracas Bay. Meaning ‘the caves’ in Spanish, the beach is named for the small grottos that are located at both ends of the bay.

Sans Souci - Photo: R Lyder
Photo: R Lyder

Sans Souci

True to its French name, Sans Souci really is the place “without worry”.  A favourite spot for surfers who enjoy riding the swells, the scenic village and nearby Toco lighthouse are well worth the trip.

Grande Rivière - Photo: Cheri-ann Pascall
Photo: Cheri-ann Pascall

Grande Rivière

Located off the Paria Main Road, Grand Rivière is one of the top spots on the island to observe the majestic Leatherback turtles during their nesting season. Tours to view the turtles can be arranged during the season (; Grande Rivière Visitor Centre: 868 469-1288).