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Mt Plaisir


Sheldon Waithe

March 24, 2023

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The renewal of Trinidad’s eco-centres is expanded by the renovation of the charming and totally unique Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel. Adhering to the same HADCO Experiences Ltd principles of environment protection, regenerative systems, and preservation, that have been applied to the Asa Wright Nature Centre, Mt Plaisir promises the experience of a lifetime.

Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel.

Located on Trinidad’s north coast, the hotel is surrounded by the species-filled rainforest that suddenly opens to provide an idyllic sandy perch looking out to sea. The river nearby enhances the sanctuary setting, but best of all are the seafaring visitors – old and new – to the beach in front of the hotel.

HADCO Experiences

These Leatherback turtles that come to nest each year, and the thousands of offspring that make their way to the sea, take top priority. Together with the consideration for the nearby trails and waterfalls, HADCO Experiences are creating an all-encompassing approach that blends the best of conservation and sustainability, with the finest gastronomic experiences drawn from the local community, to ensure authenticity and freshness.

Offering adventure and retreat, exploration and outings, the refurbished Mt Plaisir is a welcome return to the T&T eco-landscape.