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Film Festivals


Roslyn Carrington

March 3, 2021

Indie and fringe films are throwing out a challenge to the mainstream industry, especially now that emerging players in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa have stepped onto the field. Trinidadians love movies and celebrate this newfound diversity by hosting several niche film festivals every year.

One of the major influencers is FilmTT, a subsidiary of the government entity CreativeTT, which is devoted to supporting the interests of the country’s creative industries. FilmTT’s sister companies are MusicTT and FashionTT. FilmTT provides services to local and incoming productions, offering logistical and creative support as well as training and financing to maximise the country’s economic and creative talent. 

If you love films, here’s your chance to experience something other than mainstream fare.

The trinidad+tobago film festival

One of FilmTT’s most popular undertakings is the trinidad+tobago film festival, an annual event that provides a forum for local and regional film-makers, writers, actors, producers and directors. Usually held in the summer months, this week-long festival screens around 90 films at several locations, along with cultural displays, meet-and-greets and networking events.

Facebook: @ttfilmfestival

Korea Film Week

Korea Film Week is held courtesy the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The embassy sees it as a fantastic medium for cultural exchange, and a way to open the eyes of film lovers to a world they may not have seen before. The beauty and artistry of Korean films can be enjoyed for free at MovieTowne Port of Spain.

Facebook @KoreanEmbassyTT

European Film Festival

Engrossing, unusual and eclectic. Two weeks of delightful films from countries throughout Europe—subtitled, of course. Viewings are concentrated around MovieTowne Port of Spain, but a few are available at other MovieTowne locations.

Facebook: @tnteff

African Film Trinidad and Tobago

The explosion of fresh and fascinating films coming out of the African continent is a nomadic festival, so you can catch screenings at places like the Little Carib Theatre or Central Bank in Port of Spain, or go further afield and view them at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, or outdoor locations like the Brian Lara Promenade.

Facebook @africafilmtt

Green Screen: The Environmental Film Festival

The Green Screen festival is a forum for short films with an environmentally conscious slant. It’s hosted by SustainTT in the hopes of raising awareness and prompting action on climate change and environmental degradation in the region. It includes feature films, shorts, and a mobile short-shorts film competition. Films can be viewed at small, intimate venues like the Grundlos Kollektiv in Port of Spain.

Facebook: @greenscreentt

Animae Caribe

More than a film festival, it’s a gathering of anime lovers who view films, play games, discuss industry happenings and show off their creativity through cosplay. The event encourages creatives and entrepreneurs and welcomes big names in the industry for forums and autograph signings.

Facebook: @animae.caribe.animation.festival