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Deep Blue Adventures


Paul Hadden

April 4, 2023

A return to the beach also means that we can once again enjoy our favourite seaside activities like snorkelling and surfing. Snorkelling is a low-cost activity that can open up an entire world of underwater splendour; all you need is a pair of goggles, a snorkle, and maybe some fins. Favourite haunts for doing some shallow underwater exploration, discovering reef fish and underwater coral include Tobago’s Englishman Bay and Kariwak Reef at Store Bay, but you can also find great spots off the mainland of Trinidad, especially around the collection of islands, known as “Down the Islands”, scattered between Trinidad’s north-western coast and Venezuela.

Photo: Norbert Probst / Alamy Stock
Photo: Norbert Probst / Alamy Stock

Many local surfers will tell you that T&T has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. Several of the splendid beaches that dot the north coast of Trinidad such as Salybia, Sans Souci and Mt. Irvine in Tobago, are havens for surfers.