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Come Home To Your Senses


Roslyn Carrington

November 27, 2020

We all love a little retail therapy; that special thrill we feel when we find the perfect gift, snap up an unexpected bargain, or discover a memento that will keep that wonderful visit to Trinidad fresh in our minds.

But shopping in Trinidad isn’t only about what we can possess; it’s about the experience.

Feast your eyes on the infinite combinations of shapes and colours you’ll find among our many art galleries and private ateliers. Styles vary from artist to artist, mood to mood. Admire paintings reminiscent of the old masters, or those with a more modern flavour.

Our innate sense of high style and fashion are always on display as local designers present creations that can hold their own on any catwalk. Flaunt the new you; snap a selfie for those back home. Top off your outfit with a pair of designer shades from Look Opticians.

The best boutiques stock top cosmetic brands alongside local artisanal products, produced in small batches using natural local and imported ingredients. You can get these, along with a wide range of makeup and personal products, at places like Excellent Stores, the largest department store chain in the country.

Slide into crisp, fresh sheets, sink into fluffy pillows, and relax on bespoke furniture. It’s your choice: traditional wood, solid wrought iron, brass, or edgy stainless steel. An inviting piece of furniture is a souvenir that will grace your home for years. Drop in at Fen Mohammed, Signature Selection or Mi Casa, three of our largest furniture stores, and view their exquisite collections. For longer stays, Batch Caribbean is the place for professional-level kitchen equipment and an impressive array of knives.

Enjoy exquisite perfumes, from sensual to woodsy to tangy and fresh; choose from perfumes, colognes, scented powders and more in department stores, mall outlets and fine boutiques. One of our favourites is DUFRY, a well-stocked duty-free shop at Piarco International Airport where you can stop on your way in and out.

Admit it; our amazing cuisine is part of the reason you came here. The spices, the delicacies, the bursts of unexpected flavour that make local food and drink unique. You’ll certainly want to eat out, but if you have the time, try a new recipe. You can buy ingredients at any of the chain supermarkets, mini-marts or specialty outlets. Gourmet shops like Malabar Farms in Maraval offer an array of meats, fruit and veggies, cheeses and canned or dried goods. But don’t you dare leave without dessert. To accompany your meal, delight your palate with wines from Vintage Imports or Fernandes Fine Wines & Spirits. Go ahead; you’re on vacation!

You may be all shopped out, but your energy will be renewed once you turn-up the volume. You can find CDs of many local artists from genres ranging from Soca to Chutney to reggae and Jazz. Of course, in keeping with the times, most local music is also downloadable.

Shopping in Trinidad is an immersive adventure. Surround yourself, lose yourself, and give in to its allure. Let your senses come home to a place where they can come alive again.